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What are IPv4 Address

IPv4 Addresses are the combination of numbers used on the internet to transfer user data from source to destination and the range of the IPv4 Addresses Numbers are between 0-255 only.

IPv4 Addresses are 32-bit addresses divided into 4 parts which are known as octets and bits are the combinations of 0 & 1 only.

What are IPv4 Addresses

Classes of IPv4 Address

IPv4 addresses are divided into 5 classes based on the Priority Bits.

Priority bit is used for IP address Classification.

The most significant bit(s) from the first octet are selected for Priority bit(s).

ClassRangePriority Bit
Class A0-1270
Class B128 – 19110
Class C192-223110
Class D224-2391110
Class E240-2551111

Note: In Class A 127 is reserved as Loopback Address.

Types of IPv4 Addresses

There are certain addresses in each class of IP Addresses that are reserved for Private Networks. These addresses are called private Addresses.

The Private addresses are not Routable (or) Not Valid on the Internet.

ClassPrivate IP Address Range
Class A10.0.0.0 to
Class B172.16.0.0 to
Class C192.168.0.0 to

Number of Network / Host Class wise

ClassNo of NetworksNo of Host
Class A12616777214
Class B1638465534
Class C2097152254

The difference between Public & Private IPv4 Addresses

Public IP AddressPrivate IP Address
Used on the InternetUsed within the Organization
It should be unique over the internetIt should be unique within the LAN or Organization
Assigned by the Internet  Service ProviderAssigned by Network Administrator
Need to Purchased from Internet Service Provider.Free

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